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Behind the scenes – Mr. Sushant Bhole, Owner of 7 by the Lake


behind the scenes..

Sushant Bhole is well known in Canberra for providing excellent quality food and great customer service to the customers.

Sushant has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Also his innovative nature motivated Sushant to start his own catering business in 2013. It grew strongly and exceeded customers’ expectations within a year. Furthermore an extensive feedback and encouragement from his clients encouraged Sushant to open a restaurant of his own.

Now as a team, our aim is to offer unmatched dining experience to our customers. We strive to satisfy all aspects of fine cuisine, to include mouth-watering dishes, wine selection to best compliment the cuisine, excellent customer service, appealing ambience and pleasant atmosphere.

We, as proud members of 7 by the Lake team invite you to come and dine with us!

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