Pleasant ambience!

Soft lighting, peaceful music, formal decor along with scenic views of lake Burley Griffin provide a soothing ambience...

Cheerful atmosphere!

Pleasant and cheerful atmosphere matched with soft Indian music played in the background to elevate your mood!

Exquisite wines!

Exquisite collection of wines to best match your mood and the dishes on the menu that would certainly enhance your dining experience!

Excellent service!

Our friendly and welcoming staff always committed to take good care of you from the minute you walk in the door...

Mouthwatering appetizers!

Mouth-watering appetizers to stimulate your appetite for sure!

Yummy dessert!

Finish your meal on a sweat note with our selection of desserts...

Simply good food!

Great food made out of fresh and good quality ingredients that you would definitely enjoy and love to come back for!

Good experience!

An ultimate dining experience that you would love to take home and share with your friends and family!

We are here...

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